“Save the Giants” meets the President

What a phenomenal evening this was!  Thank you to the IUCN SSC Otter Specialist Group for highlighting this story.

An excerpt from the IUCN Otter Specialist Group’s Facebook post:


The President of Guyana, David A. Granger, left, with Christina Ward and Kenneth Butler during the fifth anniversary celebrations of the Protected Areas Commission in #Guyana.

Christina and Kenneth are both working hard in their new mission to save native Guyana fauna, with particular focus on their populations of Giant Otters that are in need of immediate conservative action.

Here is Christina‘s report of the day:

“My conservation cup overfloweth! After spending a most spectacular day with Ali Striggow, sight seeing and checking in on a giant otter at the Guyana Zoo, I went to a ceremony to celebrate the Protected Areas Commission’s 5th year anniversary!

What an amazing feeling it was to sit amongst Guyana’s best and brightest in the field of conservation, community development and sustainable land management. And you can imagine my enthusiasm when I discovered that the key speaker for the evening was THE PRESIDENT OF GUYANA!!!!!!!

President David A. Granger – what an inspiring man. His dedication to the land and the people of Guyana shines through in his words. He is dedicated to transforming Guyana into a true green state. I felt a twinge of shame when he noted that he was among the first to sign the Paris Agreement. Sigh.

The best part of the night was when we got the chance to meet the president. In the brief moment we had to exchange words, I managed to blurt out as many details about “Save the Giants” as I possibly could. He took my card, shook our hands and welcomed us onboard! Heres to giant leaps forward in the efforts to SAVE THE GIANTS!!”

Best of luck, Save the Giants!

Read more about the event here:http://www.motp.gov.gy/index.php/2015-07-20-18-49-38/2015-07-20-18-50-14/2141-president-granger-calls-for-citizens-stewardship-over-protected-areas-pac-launches-five-year-strategic-plan

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