Updates from the Field!

It is with the greatest pleasure that Save the Giants would like to introduce Shannon Holland!  Shannon is the newest STG’s team member and will be serving as the Yupukari Field Naturalist.  Last month kicked of our monthly surveys, which we will conduct until rainy season hits again – typically around June.  Let’s hear what Shannon has to say:

Hello all,

This September otter survey, for me, was really a learning experience on how to go about doing the field research, especially the first two days with Kenneth. Unfortunately for us the water level was still quite high which reduced our chances of finding otters but at the same time lucky for us, the higher river banks were showing. The otters used those lands mostly as campsites, so Kenneth and I were collecting data on these campsites and taking pictures as well. No otters were seen during those two days of surveying with Kenneth (probably due to the water level). After ten days I resumed the otter survey to finish off the remaining days and the water level had drop considerably and I encountered active otter holts and more campsites which leads me to believe that the otters have returned from God knows where. But still no Otters! only signs and lots of them!!!
Picture of Kenneth. Returning from Simouni late in the afternoon, eyes peeled hoping to spot some otters.
Picture of Shannon looking at a fresh camp site! and it was literally minutes old.
Kenneth on the Prowl
Kenneth, always with his eyes peeled
Perhaps we shall call him “Shoeless Shannon”

Well, no otter sightings yet, but they have definitely moved back into their dry season quarters.  In the next few months, we will start to see more activity on the river and hopefully, by January, get a glimpse of this year’s cubs!